WyspArt Foundation - Studio

To create - apart from inspiration - you need space. In an ideal world, every artist can create in their own studio, but because we know that reality is often different, we invite you to our studio in the heart of Krakow!


  • You dream of creating something but do not have conditions for it at home,
  • Want to carry out your own artistic project,
  • Are a creator whose space is limited,
  • Want to create but you lack the necessary tools and a well-equipped studio,
  • Have no place to carry out your projects,
  • Want to do a training or workshop but you have no conditions for it, 
  • Have an idea for an event but lack the space…

Welcome to our studio! Nearly 40 m2 of space for creative work, a kiln for firing ceramics, a fusing kiln - all this is waiting for you and your ideas.

The studio is located at Aleja Słowackiego 46, near Nowy Kleparz, with convenient access also from Lubelska Street.

Studio equipment

  • Front-loaded chamber kiln for firing ceramics with a hinged door:
    • With capacity of about 140 dm3
    • Heated on five sides
    • Maximum firing temperature 1350˚C
    • Dimensions of the kiln: 60 cm high,40 cm wide, 50 cm deep.
  • Top loading glass fusing kiln with a hinged door:
    • With capacity f about 263 dm3
    • Heated from the top
    • Maximum operating temperature 1000˚C
    • Internal dimensions of the chamber: 25 cm high,148,5 cm long, 49 cm wide.
  • Tables, chairs, shelves.

We do not provide materials of tools.

We went stoves for firing

The rental price includes loading and unloading of the stove. You can only rent the entire stove.

140 liter ceramic kiln:

  • he maximum dimensions of fired works must take into account the dimensions of the kiln: 60 cm high, 40 cm wide, 50 cm deep
  • we fire clay (bisque) and glazed ceramics low and high
  • bisque firing up to 1000°C – 265 PLN gross
  • glaze firing up to 1150°C* – 335 PLN gross
  • glaze firing up to 1250°C* – 415 PLN gross

 263 liter  glass fusing kiln:

  • firing up to 1000°C – 350 PLN gross

We rent a studio for creative activities (no firing required)

The studio is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The minimum rental time is 2 hours.
Price for the first 2 hours: 200 PLN gross.
Price for each additional hour: 90 PLN gross.

Payment in cash or transfer.

Bank account number:
Fundacja WyspArt
BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
89 1750 0012 0000 0000 3892 8384
Title: firing in a kiln or providing a studio for creative activities

Book a studio

How to book?

  1. Click the selected day.
  2. A view of available hours will show up.
  3. Click and hold the selected time until it highlights blue and drag to select the hour range.
  4. Fill in the form and click BOOK.
  5. You will receive confirmation of the booking to your email address along with the necessary information.
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