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Why natural?

Architecture is all buildings, structures and installations created by humans, it is natural because it is made of materials not processed in factories: wood, stone, clay, straw, reed or hemp. For thousands of years, people have used these materials to build apartments and farm buildings for animals and crops. They were always at hand and could be used to quickly build durable buildings. For centuries, people have been perfecting the art of building and producing new technologies and building materials. Huge cities, roads, airports were built, industry was developed, and people extracted more and more coal, oil and other minerals. However, the development of civilization on Earth has led to the pollution of the environment: air, water and soil. Currently, many people are working to improve the situation of our planet, including architects who are returning to natural building techniques.

Activities related to natural architecture are an important element of the Foundation's mission - we want to create a sustainable world, we care about the natural environment and draw attention to the fact that beauty can have an ethical and ecological dimension.

You can read more about the history and present of natural architecture on the Zielony Dom portal, created by the Foundation:

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Natural architecture

During the workshops, students will not only gain knowledge about construction materials and techniques, ecology and architecture, but will also have a unique opportunity to be creative.

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